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$1000 In Bitcoin During 2011 Will Be Worth $4 Million. What About NOW?

If you’ve been wondering whether to put money in bitcoin last year or not, then you probably have given up on this idea. That would not be surprising given that in November the Bitcoin fell to about $ 4,000 at the top of $ 20,000 last December. In the words of Rick Edelman, who is the founder of Edelman Financial Services, everyone who has decided to invest money in digital money must be ready to lose everything. “This investment must be made with the attitude that man will hold on for years, even decades, and that volatility is an obligatory element for this asset,” he explains. But how much would a man have earned if he had directed funds for bitcoin over the last few years?

From CNBC, these calculations are based on data from the CoinDesk specialist platform and on the cryptographic course on Nov. 30. So, if you had put $ 1,000 in bitcoin in 2011, you would be a millionaire today. Or, more precisely, you will have $ 4,281,220 in your account. 

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Digital coins are still sold 68% cheaper than early 2018. So, if you had put $ 1,000 in them in January, you would have been seriously losing today and had only $ 318 in your bill. Edelman points out that now is the right time to invest in bitcoin. He explains that a successful investment is when you buy cheaply and sell while the asset has the highest value. “People had been busy buying bitcoin last year when he was $ 19,000, and those same people do not want to buy now when it’s $ 4,000,” says the expert.

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