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$450.000 Transaction Fee For Just $14 Worth of Ethereum

Ethereum has many users and one of them is probably preparing to take another mortgage loan after it has been charged 2,100 ETHs for sending only $ 14 to ETH.

Is it a mistake or is there a purpose behind the case? Although a fee may initially look like an error, the user’s account is said to be very active, so the chances of such a mistake are not very high. The transaction fee costs about $ 458,000, taking into account current prices. The funny thing is that the fee for this huge amount is unlikely to cost up to $ 14 to be sent to another portfolio, which makes many people in the community wonder why a huge amount would be charged.

The crypto community in Reddit also discusses the problem.

Some people think there is a problem with the user interface of the portfolio from which the funds were initially sent. Others think that this may be a possible money laundering attempt, as the same portfolio has sent a similar amount in fees. However, the amounts of small transactions can be just a formality. It was found that the same account had already sent similar large sums. The amount that is transferred from one account to another may be a way to conceal the origin of the funds. Many say this is unlikely because there is a risk that miners will not be able to dig up the block and lose money to someone else. It is still unclear exactly why this has happened. 

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