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All Bitcoin ATM’s And Where To Find Them + [Image]

Bitcoin ATMs allow users to exchange their money for cryptocurrencies. This practically distinguishes them from the traditional machines we use to draw money. But where to find those machines?

The authors drew a curious graph based on data from Coin ATM Radar and BitnewsToday. The size of the circles in the chart suggests a higher or lower concentration of such machines in specific locations.

The illustration shows that the largest number of bitcoin ATMs are in the US – a total of 1,330. However, the largest concentration of machines per million people is in Austria, making it the most crypto-friendly country in the world.

Returning to numbers, North America dominates the market of bitcoin ATMs, accumulating on its territory a total of 76.1% of all machines in the world. The second is Europe – 18.8%.

Due to increasingly restrictive measures by Asian regulators against cryptos, only 2.5% of bitcoin ATMs are already available on the continent. Followed by Central and South America (1.3%), Australia (1.2%) and Africa (0.05%).

Interestingly, there is practically one single machine in Africa,Nigeria.However, expect the continent to continue to grow in a positive trend and ATMs to multiply.

On the graph is also the name of Bulgaria with 2 Bitcoin ATMs.

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