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Altcoins Under 1 $


Siacoin is the altcoin of the company Sia which offers decentralised cloud storage solutions. You can rent your extra resources like storage space, bandwidth etc to the network in return for Siacoins. The data is encrypted and stored at multiple locations ensuring that the data is secure.


MaidSafeCoin is the altcoin of the company MaidSafe. This is similar to Sia. They offer cloud storage solutions and are more established than Siacoin.


Golem is a supercomputer network that allows users to rent their excess computing power to those in need. The reward for renting is Golems. The problems that are run on computers are becoming more and more complex and it is not possible for everyone to buy more computing power as per their needs. And not everyone uses their full computing power. Golem is similar to MaidSafe in that sense. It rents out computing power where Sia and MaidSafe rent out storage space.


Bitshares is a platform where you can trade other cryptocurrencies. Bitshares is a more stable currency compared to others. It also offers many unique and interesting features like scheduled and recurring payments, rewards for referrals etc.


PotCoin is the altcoin aimed at the legal cannabis or marijuana industry. It is very similar to Bitcoin in terms of the technology it uses. With the legalized marijuana industry growing day by day, PotCoin has real potential for growth and will be a good investment.


Even though it was introduced as a fun currency, DofeCoin has quickly gained market value. The initial production schedule of DogeCoin is higher than most of the others and this makes it interesting altcoin to invest in early on. It has become popular as a tipping currency on the internet.


With the increasing interest in owning cryptocurrencies, more and more people want to own crypto assets. But the trading in altcoins is not easy and that is what CoinDash aims to eliminate. It aims to make trading in crypto assets easier more accessible. It is an operating system for cryptocurrencies.


Soon or later Digibyte will hit 1 $. Slowly but surely is reaching attention every single day.Unfortunately its not going to be the next Bitcoin or Litecoin but we still can get some profit from it.


Something fresh from the Crypto World.It will probably hit 1$ in a few months.With 1 Billion supply its very possible to hit 2 or 3 dollars until the end of 2018.


I can say a lot things about Cardano.Is it going to be a big? Probably! How big ? Nobody knows..
The thing you can do is just to buy some Cardano and wait for the hype.


What are your favorite coins?