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Bitcoin Again Above $8000

After the price of Bitcoin dropped below $ 6,000, rumors appeared that its over with Bitcoin and it failed. But this morning the situation has changed, and we have not seen such a high course for a long time.
Prior to noon, the basic digital currencies passed $ 8,000. This is far from what was shown in November-December last year, but it is higher than in recent months.

The price of all the other cryptocurrencies, also grown slightly. Ethereum reached $ 470, and Bitcoin Cash $ 840. Financial analysts are not yet able to explain this high growth. Especially in the background, that in recent months there was no more positive news about bitcoin.
CoinMarketCap reported that Bitcoin’s market capitalization has exceeded $ 135 billion. BitKoin dominance index also grew to 41%.
The first significant Bitcoin growth was recorded on July 17, when the digital currency entered a growing trend. Then the bitcoin was traded at a price of $ 6700. But the crypto hit suddenly the barrier of $ 7,000, and then the rate went up to 7380 US dollars. July 18 was the second significant increase when the main digital currency reached $ 7500. But then the Bitcoin course quickly dropped.