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Bitcoin and Its Ridiculous Low Price / December 2018

The fall of the Bitcoin continues. The digital currency loses nearly 8% of its value, falling again below the $ 4,000 threshold. Thus, the currency is re-directed to the one-year low as recently reported as part of the wider trend of virtual currency depreciation.

“Close to the edge”
Bitcoin was close to 3474.73 dollars on 02/12/18, which was the lowest value since September 2017.

Other Cryptocurrencies
Also noted a decrease. Ether cheaper by nearly 5%. Ripple also writes nearly 8 % loss. Virtual money has lost its positions in recent weeks, and analysts point to a cautionary trend for US regulators. At the same time, according to calculations of CoinMarketCap, bitcoin has fallen for the last month by 36%. For comparison, in the beginning of the month(last year), the digital currency traded at a price of $ 6318. This is the biggest monthly decline since the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, the month saw a trade surge of 33% on a monthly basis to $ 158.48 billion – the highest since May. At the beginning of the month, bitcoin had already lost nearly 70 percent of its value against its peak of nearly $ 20,000 from December 2017.

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