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Bitcoin Is a Good Investment For 2019

90% of all major asset classes reported growth against the dollar in April, with BTC leading.

But more surprising than this is that the Wall Street Journal recognizes it as the biggest winner? Last year, it was catastrophic not only for BTC but for all altcoins. According to WSJ, 87 % of all assets collapsed at the end of the year. This includes stocks, commodities, bonds and credit markets.

However, a dramatic recovery occurred in April 2019. 90% of the 70 asset classes tracked by Deutsche Bank AG returned last month, including oil prices and global bonds. While Bitcoin making more than 50% rally and recently recovering $ 5,000 after last year’s drop. BTC is better than gold. It’s better from Apple’s stock. 30% of young people prefer Bitcoin. Its market dominance is undisputed – and it already costs about 720,000,000 % more than its original price.

What other asset classes can boast of similar profits? Not all investors were delighted with the April moves. Peter Atwater, a research analyst and lecturer at The College of William & Mary, quoted in the WSJ, had the following say:

It was like a bungee jump shot from a sling.

The problem, this time, seems to be the relationship between almost all markets.

With around 90% of asset classes following the same pattern as the stock market, analysts are worried. After all, how do you diversify the risk to offset your investment portfolio if all assets are presented in the same way? It is believed that BTC has no connection with the stock market.
However, recent data show that it is no longer the case. Hong Kong Research Director and Head of Asia Pacific Asia Strategy at Hongstein Research Institute in Hong Kong Michael Parker (also quoted in the WSJ) commented:

Markets are more closely related than before.

Investors who believe this rally will continue might be disappointed. Existing trade agreements and monetary policy may change – and this could again trigger negative shocks in the markets.

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