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Bitcoin Will Be General World Currency In 10 Years, Says The Head Of Twitter

Twitter’s executive director, Jack Dorsey, has an optimistic insight into the development of cryptocurrencies and in particular, of bitcoin. According to him, the most popular digital money will become a single payment tool within the next 10 years. This is his forecast in an interview with The Times.

According to him, the world and the Internet will have their own currency. “I personally believe this will be bitcoin,” Dorsey said. He thinks the transition will take more than a decade, but it can “get faster”. Despite the turbulent development of the Crypto’s last year, the short horizon seems unrealistic, writes The Verge.

In addition to Twitter’s executive director, Dorsi is also a boss on the square that recently added the opportunity to trade with Bitcoin via the Square Cash option. The company also made an animated video that reveals the benefits of digital money.

Dorsey does not hide his bias toward the cryptocurrency technology, which he believes will be the next big thing in the world of finance. He himself invests in crypto’s, but he does not know what assets he owns.

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