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Bulgaria Is The Richest Bitcoin Country In The World

The story

Most people who follow the story of the cryptocurrency world, know that Satoshi Nakamoto has the greatest bitcoin treasure. But how many people know that Bulgaria is the second? The Bulgarian government shelters the bitcoin treasure, which would make any other country even the United States – envy.

Authorities in Bulgaria began collecting Bitcoin and then collided with illegal activities in the country, a lot criminals were paid in Bitcoin. In particular, a series of arrests in mid-2017 led to the capture of 213,519 BTC, according to the bulgarian news – the prosecutor’s office officially denied having such a number of bitcoin but media’s like coindesk,cnbc and more said otherwise.

Did Bulgaria spend all the bitcoins?

There is no way to find out if the Bulgarian government has used the coins or not, but if it they keep it all, the state can pay 25% of its national debt for one day.

Battle for Bitcoin in the country surpasses the United States because the US authorities trade all seized coins as soon as possible. A few months ago, the US Marshals Service auctioned out to sell nearly 2,200 BTC.

It is unclear whether the Bulgarian government has any plans for its enormous Bitcoin stash, but perhaps it is better to “hold it” as a fund for worse days.