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Businesses Are Not Ready For Blockchain

A new study revealed that while businesses are considering adopting a blockchain, they generally do not feel ready to implement the technology. (The study was conducted by Globant software development company and published on February 19.)

The report says

64% of organizations intend to invest in block-based solutions to improve their domestic operations.
While only 46% of respondents feel ready to implement the technology. 

61% of organizations that are already exploring the technology, only 28% choose a block provider.

According to the survey

The majority of decision-makers are still exploring blockchain and traders still cannot determine their position on the technology.

Diego Tartara, Latin America’s chief technology officer for Globant, said:

“The implementation of a blockchain is different for each business, its unclear for the owners how their businesses are going to look after implementation”

Only 14% of businesses had training strategies. A study by the Global Blockchain Business Council, published last January, showed 63% believe business executives have a poor understanding of block technology. 30% believe their knowledge of emerging technologies is “average”. The remaining 7% believe senior management’s understanding of a blockchain is “good”.

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