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CargoX [CXO] What Is It All About?

CargoX is a new start-up company whose main objective in the market is to disrupt the global logistics industry by using its technology to supplant it with the introduction of a blockchain-based bill of Lading (B/L) technology.

By using B/L documents, CargoX wants to replace papers of Bill of Lading with digital documents stored in the global blockchain. This will enable the users of the products of this company to transfer cargo ownership rights and information without actually needing to handle all the usual paperwork.

The whole idea behind CargoX is to use a smart digitalization of the old Bill of Lading documents by B/L documents using blockchain to optimize the work and make it faster and way more efficient than it actually is right now.

These changes have the potential to modernize the shipping industry and make it faster and more profitable because it will no longer need to lose so much time with documents and handling paperwork when this industry could easily use blockchain solutions to make the whole work more efficient.

In summarize: New ECO Cargo System Via Blockchain

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