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CryptoCurrency Analytic Gives Perfect Forecast For Bitcoin

Bitcoin is already about to begin a slow rise to $ 150,000.
At TradingView, MagicPoopCannon compares the bottom of the 2014-2015 market with the current price

I believe Bitcoin has reached its bottom and I’m so busy buying. If the bottom is actually reached, it is yet to be understood. However, I see the potential later this year price could fall to a much lower level despite the rise

Things like over-sales of weekly RSI suggest that a further decline may be seen later this year.

At this point, MagicPoopCannon says: now, BTC is stronger than ever.

In my opinion, this next bullish market is likely to bring about $ 150,000 for the BTC, roughly in August 2023. I realize this is a very special date and many people will be ridiculed, but these are my calculations and I have good reason to believe that my calculations will continue to be accurate.

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