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Early Lucky Adopters Wins The Game

I’m saying “Lucky” because not every coin bought in early stage will bring you profit.
Lets begin with the story 

From a reddit user: “Several years ago I was following Bitcoin’s success as it climbed from 20$ to 256$ and then it crashed. When that happened I wanted to buy in at the climb, but I couldn’t pull the trigger. After the crash I waited to see if Bitcoin would die, but it didn’t. I read the whitepaper and was hooked immediately.” The Bitcoin investor started buying Bitcoin when it was around 90$-100$. “I strived to have between 220-280 BTC during the extended corrections. Bitcoin was 2.6% of my net worth, with my Home equity being around 70%…From all my investments, I see my home as the riskiest by far… To those who are skeptical about Bitcoin, I simply show them the charts and say: why didn’t Bitcoin die yet? I was one of the early talks of Andreas. He said that Bitcoin will either be worth a lot or It will be worth nothing. I agree! When the next financial crisis hits, people will be confronted with the need to sort out what wealth is an illusion and what wealth is real. I expect Bitcoin to come out of this chaos as a huge winner.”

Bitcoin is in the mainstream media every day and this Bitcoin investor knew before 99% of the people that the term wealth is an illusion. The means of wealth are changing with many things losing their value with time. Is it just a matter of time, before Gold loses its value? And what about the U.S. dollar? Until when will the U.S. government artificially keep the dollar afloat? If you ask me it won’t be too long. As the world is changing, the true value of wealth will change too. The ones that see it coming and can adapt to the changes, will be the ones that will win from a losing situation.