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Ethereum And The Technology Behind It

The contribution of Ethereum

With Bitcoin each address can have only one asset – Bitcoin. While with Ethereum every address can hold also other currencies via the smart contract. Example: Ethereum (It self) and BNB (Binance Coin)

Digital Assets 

With crypto you don’t need middleman. You can send money without using a bank.

In the simplest way, anyone can issue a digital asset in their ETH address and declare it for sale. Eth in the face of thousands of independent computers, checks the digital signatures of both – the seller and the buyer and if everything is fine, makes the exchange. The guarantee is the enormous computing power and mathematical laws that drive Ethereum

Smart Contracts

Today’s deals are not a simple exchange of money for property or the reverse. The types of transactions whose terms are described in long and complex contracts take too much time. Ethereum offers a comprehensive programming language to help the parties contract the terms of their agreement into the so-called smart contracts, whose fair and honest implementation takes care of Ethereum, a kind of global computer, sitting above any political or economic power. This computer is available to any individual connected to the Internet.

The future of civilization

The promise of Eth is no less than saving the world from the dangers posing today – financial destruction and/or third world war III. It remains to be a believe that the invisible natural force has re-emerged just in time.