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Ethereum Whale – Spotted! Moving Almost 1 Million ETH

988 888 ETHs from an unknown address transferring to Binance. The moving was worth $ 134 million, something that attracts much attention, especially from the Crypto enthusiasts on Twitter.


So far, it seems that different people have their own opinion on the issue, with some pointing to the transition to a dumping trick, while others see it as just another normal move on the stock exchange, although it is still unclear why they have moved the funds.

High Number – Low Fees

The number of moved Ethereum is high – 988 888 but the cost of the transaction is what really amazes people.
The cost is only 0.000273 ETH. That’s about $ 0.04. In fact, in order to move such a huge amount of money, the traditional bank would have imposed dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, as transaction fees.

This is another proof of how much money a person can save by using CryptoCurrency.

Hard Fork and Whales

This whale move is coming just days before the actual hard fork that is about to happen. The team of developers plans to implement two enhancements – Constantinople Hard Fork and St.Petersburg update.
Constantinople is designed to modernize the Network and make it more scalable, changing economic policy and fee structure.
St. Petersburg aims to return to a previous update from the test network.

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