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Google Has Integrated a Crypto Project With Blockchain Oracle

We will be able to integrate data from sources, not related to blockchain.

This is possible thanks to a partnership with Chainlink, a company that provides on-the-go and on-the-ramps of information needed to launch intelligent contracts.

After Google made publicly available data for Bitcoin, Etherium and six other CryptoCurrencies, Alan Day, a senior Google Cloud developer, wrote that the applications of this project “use crypto data sets as a contribution to business processes outside the chain.”

Integration with Chainlink

Which offers a service called Oracle, to import data, such as interest rates and price information, from traditional funding to smart contracts along the chain, will add another layer to these opportunities, allowing processes to be deployed directly into a blockchain.

The business process, realized as a smart contract, takes place along the chain, and this has limited utility if there is no access to embedded chains, “wrote Dee.

To close the cycle and enable two-way interoperability, we need not only to make blockchain data programmatically accessible to cloud services but also cloud services to be programmatically accessible through the smarter contract chain.

Chainlink has collected $ 32 million In primary (ICO) in September 2017

Facilitating smart contracts can help create more creative payment plans for services such as airlines flights. For example, your flight is delayed or cancelled, your money back will be transferred very easily