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How I Bought Ripple

1.Warming up

Create account in ( Use the referral link to receive free 10$ in Coinbase! )

Add 2 identifies

  • ID Card
  • Driving License/Passport

Yes i know it may sound uncertain to add such precious documents in the web but you have to if you want to enter in the game.


JUST WAIT!Be sure all is approved and then start to deposit money!
A lot people out there in the web space can relate to those greedy,hype stupid people who hurry to buy.PATIENCE!

2.Escape FEEs

Go to ( its owned from )

Make sure everything is fine with your account.Approval,password etc..

3.Find exchange

I use Binance ( Use referral link for further BONUS discount)

When you set up your new account ,ADD VERIFICATION!


4. Get Wallet

Usually you can even keep your Ripple’s in the exchange website but in case the website is hacked your ripples might get stolen.


  • Add money in Coinbase
  • Buy Ethereum or Bitcoins from Coinbase ( i use Ethereum )
  • Then go to
  • Deposit your ETH in
  • Coinbase account -> ETH -> Select Amount -> DEPOSIT FUNDS
  • Then go to Binance ->Funds ->Deposit withdraws ->ETHEREUM (ETH) -> Click Deposit -> Copy wallet address
  • Return to GDAX click on withdraw and add your BINANCE ETHEREUM ( ETH ) DEPOSIT WALLET
  • Flip your ETH for Ripples on Binance -> CLICK ON – Exchange -> Basic
  • When you see your ripples in your Binance account just add wallet address and send!

Keep in mind that transactions take TIME!Be patient!Don’t panic if nothing happens in more than an hour or two!
I was waiting almost whole day for everything.

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