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How Owning a Bitcoin Can Change Your Life

One thing the big price spike in 2017 taught us is how to HODL

There are now many more people with BTC than two years ago, and this trend should continue. Holding a small amount can change a person’s life for the next decade or two.

HODL For the Future

With over 18 million Bitcoins now in circulation and as halving approaches, supply and demand will gain more importance than ever over the next few years. Industry experts advise anyone in the crypto market to own at least one BTC. Bitcoin pioneer Charlie Schrem estimates that 5-10 BTC will be enough to change a person’s life in the next twenty years.

It may be on the right track, but most importantly, this amount is beyond the reach of most people. Not many of us have $ 45- $ 90,000 available for investment, so aiming for just one would be a more realistic goal. Binance pointed out that the distribution of the theoretical current supply of the flagship cryptocurrency and the world population leads to only 0.003 BTC per person.

With only $ 27 for 300,000 satoshi, this is a far more affordable alternative for most people and can provide a good starting point for accumulating satoshi.

Bitcoin is better than fiat currencies

The situation for the global economy is relatively clear as central banks take desperate measures. This will put enormous pressure on most fiat currencies, which are still printed at the request of banks as the debt escalates. The world’s leading economy and reserve currency are in difficulty. The wind of change and the days of dollar dominance are coming to an end. A hundred years ago, $ 100 would buy the same amount of food, clothing, and household goods as it would have cost you $ 2,500 today. This is just unsustainable. Former Congressman and Bitcoin Bull Ron Paul commented on the ongoing devaluation of the dollar and the massive flaws in the current banking system:

Bitcoin is the solution to this (as was its original concept) and younger generations and institutions that buy and hold long-term are pushing prices up. Just a small amount of cryptocurrency can be enough to change your life if some of your pricing proves to be correct.