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If Bitcoin Does Hit $1800, This Wont Be A Surprise

“The Crypto Dog” (@TheCryptoDog), a Crypto trader and market commentator, recently noted that a drop in Bitcoin to $ 1,800 (BTC) would not be surprising.

Although the individual admitted that he was not 100% sure of such a development, he said he would not be worried if the value continues to fall.

An experienced trader also predicts that the price of ETH may drop to about $ 50.

Crypto Dog recommends that you do not put yourself at risk and focus more on the “learning” to trade.

He also shared in December last year that Bitcoin may be “in the final stages of the [current] bear market. an absolute minimum of $ 1,800 “and an” absolute maximum of $ 6,200 “. The trader also mentioned last year that it was “more likely” to trade in a price range of $ 3,000 to $ 5,400 for a considerable amount of time. In his series of publications of 20 December 2018, Crypto Dog argues that current market conditions “represent an incredible opportunity to avert a position.” Entry into positions at that time can potentially be paid off during the next bull cycle, but we will not “hurry to buy the entire bitcoin at this point,”. Its time to start collecting BTC we should treat BTC as a “long-term investment.” He added.