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Is The Crypto Market Going to Stop Dipping?

For those that have been in the cryptocurrency ecosystem for a while, know this is something healthy.

While to outside investors and those who are new it can seem like a time to panic.

This is the perfect time to advance positions, which is what we are doing here at GCA.

From Munger to Buffet to Graham, the major investors abide by one principle that most don’t want to when there is a dramatic “crash” like the 40–50% one that Bitcoin is experiencing.

Be Greedy When Those Are Fearful

That means when everyone is selling, buy — and sell when everyone is buying.

A simple principle of selling at the high and buying at the low, the easiest way to make money and not get burned.

Is This Bitcoin Dip Different?


That’s the short answer.

People want to believe that it is, especially those who haven’t experienced a dip like this before, but in cryptocurrency it is normal.

There’s always an early January dip.

Followed by new highs, in a gradual climb (nothing that comes overnight) and then we end up forgetting about the past until it repeats itself.

And why should we believe this time is any different?

Because the truth is that trends like this are significant for the maturation of a market, and with the uncertainty of regulation, rules, and so much more we will keep seeing trends like this.

So don’t fret and don’t fear, just take some time off of crypto.

Hodl what you have and we at GCA will be watching the markets to make sure everything is in order.


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