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Meet The People With “Bags” Full of Bitcoins

It is known that the first 1000 bitcoin owners own about 35% of all the basic digital currency. There are still thousands of people who have a large amount of bitcoins who prefer to remain anonymous. 

1.Satoshi Nakamoto
The creator of the Bitcoin.Satoshi Nakamoto is the main holder of Bitcoins. According to experts, to date, Nakamoto owns 1.1 million BTC. The reason for this wealth is the yield of crypto-clay in its earliest days. To date, this is a serious $ 6 billion in today’s rate. It is interesting that Nakamoto did not use his crypto and did not turn it into a fiat money or for other purposes. If Nakamoto decides to sell all his bitcoins, the price of Bitcoin will fall drastically and by that ,all other altcoins will also suffer from the price drop. 

Everyone is wondering how this small European country has managed to make it so large that it has so much money? The organized crime actions by the Bulgarian specialized forces held in May 2017 led to the seizure of 213,519 BTC. This amount is enough to pay 25% of the country’s debt. In the direction of the Bulgarian authorities, criminals use their technical skills to avoid paying taxes. As of June 2018, the cost of all the bitcoins hold by Bulgaria is over $ 2.1 billion at the current exchange rate. 

This is the exchange bureau with the most batch-wallet portfolios. It owns 163,133.38 bitcoins worth approximately $ 1 billion. Digital coins are stored in cold wallets – systems that are not connected to any network. In this way all the bitcoins are protected from hackers.

FBI is one of the most famous bitcoin owners. In September 2013, the Bureau held an action against the Silk Road site – the scandalous black market for drugs. Then the FBI seized 144,000 bitcoins.

5.The Brothers Winklevoss 
Taylor and Cameron Winchester are the first Bitcoin millionaires. The brothers became very popular after they condemned Mark Zuckerberg that he had stolen the idea of ​​Facebook. They won $ 65 million in the case and in 2013 they gave $ 1.5 million of that amount to buy bitcoins. To date, this investment has increased by 20000%.

6.Garvin Anderson
It was thought that Anderson was Satoshi Nakamoto himself. But then it was heard that he had been chosen as the successor to Nakamoto because he was the chief developer of Bitcoin algorithms, for which he was paid $ 200,000 in bitcoins.

7.Roger Verre
Also known as Bitcoin-Jesus. He is considered one of the first Bitcoin billionaires. But unlike other crypto-billioners who buy private islands and yachts, Verre wants to create a libertarian nation in which everyone is the absolute owner of his life and is free to do whatever he wants with his property.

8.Barry Silbert
The founder of the Digital Currency Group. It is believed to have a bitcoins of about $ 288 million.

9.Charlie Shrem
One of the most controversial millionaire bots. Recognized as guilty of money laundering and sentenced to two years imprisonment. Released after making important disclosures about digital money companies. Battleship millionaire.

10.Tony Gallippi
The brain behind BitPay, one of the most popular bitcoin providers with more than 100 employees.