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Millennials Prefer Crypto Exchanges Rather Than Traditional Stock Exchange

A new study concludes – millennials and younger generations are interested in Bitcoin and crypto

As there is a growing distrust of the financial structure. According to a new study by eToro, which surveys 1,000 online marketers, 43% of millennium’s online marketers are more likely to use Crypto than the stock market.

Gay Harsh, Managing Director of eToro USA, sees this as a clear shift in the thinking of generations. He said through a press release:

We are starting to change the generational trust from traditional stock exchanges to crypto exchange. 

Millennials prefer decentralization. They like the advantage, of being able to use money without the bank being involved. Hursh explained:

millennials and generation X perceive crypto exchange as less likely to be manipulated. As more and more investors are learning about the benefits of blockchain, we will continue to see how this trend evolves.