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Most Famous Bitcoin Transactions In The History

From Pizza to Cars and Plains. That’s today article about. Famous or Weird purchases? Opinions? 

2x Boxes 0f Pizza
This is the story of the programmer, who on May 22, 2010, paid 10,000 BTC (worth $ 25 back then) for just two boxes of pizza.

Today this amount in BTC is worth over $ 7 million. And if he had kept the bitcoin until the boom on the crypto market in December 2017, he could have somewhere around $ 70 million.

First Transaction
The first block was added to Bitcoin in early January 2009. January 12, 2009, the same year, the first BTC deal was held. This happened at the 170th block and took place between the late Hal Fini (one of the leading developers of the project) and Satoshi Nakamoto (the mysterious Creator of Bitcoin). The deal included Nakamoto, who sent 10 BTC to Finney.

The mysterious transaction worth $ 149 million
Transaction of 194,993 BTC took place in the autumn of 2013, making it the largest deal to date. At that time, the transaction value was over $ 149 million dollars after 1 BTC was around $ 729.

Despite the detective work in the community, no one knows exactly what the deal is, where the money went, and what things the buyer bought with them.

Bitcoin is accepted as payment for Tesla Model S
In December 2013 an automotive enthusiast from Florida bought Tesla Model S, using Bitcoin. The Dealer, Lamborghini Newport Beach, received 91.4 BTC, or $ 103,000 through BitPay for the brand new Tesla.

Matt Miller’s error during “12 Days of Bitcoin”
On December 20, 2013, Matt Miller made a segment of his show, 12 Days of Bitcoin, when he inadvertently showed his BTC on TV. Someone who watched the show reacted quickly and instantly scanned the code by immediately getting $ 20 richer. But the story has a good end because Miller decided to let the spectator keep the money. Nevertheless, this was undoubtedly a very valuable lesson.

Private Plane
In January 2014,, a private airline reservation service, announced that it would begin to accept Bitcoin as a way to pay. Not long after, the company announced that it had its first Crypto Traveler traveling from Brussels to Nice.

Auction of the US Government
On July 1, 2014, the US government forcibly shut down the online Silk Road black market. Approximately 144,000 BTC were confiscated. The token auction was made up of three parts. At the first auction, 30,000 BTC’s were sold to venture capitalist Tim Draper. At that time, 30,000 BTC cost $ 19 million.

To the Moon
Genesis Mining had the brilliant idea of sending Bitcoin in space.This was done using a meteorological balloon that transported a 3D model of a balloon with a back paper wallet. Genesis Mining has set a new world record for sending BTC at a height of 34 kilometers.

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