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My Personal Experience With Algowave Trading Platform

Probably some of the people that found Algowave did it thru a forum, LinkedIn or just google.

I was hit by a DM in LinkedIn. With a message offering me to try the prediction trading platform. Now keep in mind that Endor and Algowave are two different companies. Algowave is using the ENDOR system. The algorithms and concept were developed at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Endor created a segment exclusively for Algowave users to get real-time market predictions based on social physics. Its focused on massive data on human behavior. Basically – Prediction Oriented App

How I started 

I bought EDR 1000 ($30) for 1-week prediction 

That’s the screen you get when your order is active and running (picture below)

Now that’s all from their side. From your side, you have to go to Binance (for example) where the coins are traded and then buy them. Put a selling price and eventually Sell. I say eventually because the prediction is not 100% and also this a market. You never know what exactly is going to happen.

For me, I thought I have to buy the prediction and start earning. In reality, is not like that. Your attention is needed. One of the assistance gave me a hunt. Focus on volume bigger than $60 000. Hold between 1 – 15 coins a week and your profit will be 3-3.5%. (at least for that time)


Its close to those telegram groups for coins alert, or a simple Pump and Dump.

Experienced Trader probably won’t be interested in the platform. Beginners would be more into that but here comes the problem. They don’t know how the trading works, the terms, and basic trading vocabulary, candles and etc. It takes time and effort.

You better check