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Pay With Bitcoin In France

Bitcoin already has the official status of money in France. Les Echos now expects this decision to improve the Bitcoin transaction situation and increase BTC’s liquidity. French court calls Bitcoin currency The categorization mentioned above was issued by the Commercial Court in Nanterre –

BTC was recognized as an intangible asset

Kramer & Levin’s lawyer Hubert de Wauplein says that now the decision allows Bitcoin to be legally used as money. So this should boost the number of Bitcoin transactions in France – lending, trading, etc. and thus make the crypto market more liquid.

In 2014, Paymium borrowed a certain amount from BTC on BitSpread. When Bitcoin Cash emerged as a result of a hard fork in 2017 and all BTC holders received a 1: 1 BCH, the question arose as to whether BitSpread should return the coins it received to Paymium.

Germany first legalized Bitcoin

Bitcoin was at the center of the headlines after Germany became the first country in Europe to give Bitcoin legal status and recognized it as a financial instrument.