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Play Minecraft and Earn Bitcoin Gifts

New Minecraft mod called ‘SatoshiQuest’ found its place on the front page of the Bitcoin subreddit.

The game’s creator says it is 100% open source and gives players a unique Bitcoin (BTC) wallet associated with their Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) in Minecraft.

The goal is simple, find the treasure!

Players receive a wallet address where they can deposit $1 in Bitcoin. They use it to buy lives. After that, they join the “Battle royal mode” and try finding the loot. When someone is near the ‘treasure’, the game will announce the player’s location. This gives other participants a chance to steal it. After finding, the game restarts.

The Creator

The creator of SatoshiQuest says that all transactions are made down the chain and once the loot is found, the game is restarted.