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Review on the Naga Debit Card

How many people remember the ICO for the NGC back in 2017? Probably not too many. I was one of the first people to buy NGC and hope its not a scam. 3 years later the project is developing well. Better than I ever expected! 

But what about the NAGA Debit card?

The naga card is “MasterCard”. This might be an issue, some online and physical stores don’t accept MasterCard. Which means you cant 100% rely on the NAGA Debit Card.

Is it safe? 

The card arrived in DHL Express Envelope









It’s easy to activate, the instructions are clear and everything works well. In my opinion, it’s a great way to turn Crypto into fiat money. 

Now the negative side

Naga is not a bank or government. Your money in the card belongs to NAGA. Yes on the agreement they are yours. But if the company fills documents for bankruptcy, your money is lost. In scenarios as amount disappearing, transaction issue or something wrong is happening, you have to rely on the NAGA support, they are responsible to fix it. If they can’t or it takes time, you will have to deal with the situation.

In conclusion? 

For amounts under $ 1000 is fine. Above that number, I will consider multiple cards/ways to move my money.

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