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The Best Bitcoin Presents For Him or Her

Bitcoin card game

You can play it even with your family. Each card contains fun facts about bitcoin, which helps everyone to get acquainted with the world’s most popular crypto. It is suitable for children over 7 years of age, so if you want to teach your kids about “what is cryptocurrency” this is for you.

(In case you want to explain to elder people “what is bitcoin” check this article)

Just HODL mouse pad 

A fun interpretation of the Nike slogan, this mouse pad is a practical reminder to investors not to let go.

Bitcoin earrings

This is a different way to show off your admiration from the world of digital currencies. These earrings are an ideal gift for women who have accepted the technological revolution.

Bitcoin necklace

Bitcoin lover? say no more. That gift is perfect for people who want to show the world they like the digital currency

Bitcoin Pillows 

These 100% cotton pillows are an easy way to decorate any sofa or bed. They are available in different sizes so they can be used in different rooms for different purposes

Bitcoin doormat

This creative bedding allows anyone in your home to know that you are supporting BTC and believe, it is the future of money.

Phone case 

This accessory offers a remarkable way to add visual admiration to your phone as well as save it without scratches.

Personal Keychain

This Keychain is simple but sweet gift. The  crypto symbol is carved into a premium American cherry tree.


The hat is the perfect gift for your beloved enthusiast. You can choose between different models to suit your tastes.

a Tie

Investors and diggers who are professionally engaged in crypto and are looking to diversify their wardrobe – this is the perfect gift. The neckties are decorated with distinctive patterns, which combines the logo and the “crypto miners” symbol – the hammer.


Like to drink coffe? or you are just obsessed with crypto? Search no more.The “Bitcoin Millionaire” glass is the perfect gift for him or her.


Its cosy, its funny and it looks nice!  

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Hardware wallets are USB-like devices that store the private keys of your cryptocurrencies. Hardware wallets are the safest way to store bitcoin and/or altcoins. Treasure, Ledger or CoolWallet S are just a few of the options.

(please note: there are different kinds of wallets, check this article for more info)

HTC Exodus Smartphone

This is not just a phone but also a crypto wallet that offers easy access to various Apps. It also acts as a block node that allows you to trade with crypto. The phone can only be purchased with BTC or ether.

(For deep understanding what Exodus Smartphone is check this article)

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