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The Future of XRP Is Bright – Mass Adoption For Ecommerce

The founder of Ripple based startup project wants to bring XRP to the world of e-commerce. Wietse Wind, whose XRPL Labs recently received Ripple funding for two to three years, has created a prize that will be given to any developer who builds a plugin that integrates XRP with WooCommerce. XRP enthusiasts can contribute to the prize that has so far reached more than 3000 XRP worth around $ 950. 

Used by approximately 3.3 million, WooCommerce is one of the leading online payment platforms. It is designed to work with WordPress, which manages the stunning 33% of all websites on the Web, according to W3Techs Web Technology Research. XRPL Labs is developing a decentralized operating system for Exchange, Mobile Portfolio and Cold Crypto storage, along with other blockchain initiatives.