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The New HTC Phone Can Be Bought Only With Cryptocurrency

The company invites the global Crypto community and developers from around the world to engage in the development of this project.


HTC launches early access to its first blockchain phone, Exodus 1. The first version of the phone can only be ordered with BTC or ETH at So HTC is the first industry company allowing pay with cryptocurrency. First shipments will take place in December. HTC Exodus 1 has first class performance and quality design. All this is combined with blockchain technology and the software needed to create a smartphone experience for the modern user in the new Internet era.


HTC Exodus 1 also has a security enclave, which is locked in the device that is protected by the operating system (Android O). This is the key to the user’s cryptocurrencies, as well as to the non-replaceable characters (NFTs), and in the near future to all digital data.

HTC has developed a unique mechanism to restore the key to user data in case the phone is lost, stolen, or simply forgotten. This is an easy and secure way to get your lost password again. This mechanism ensures that HTC does not store user passwords. The control is in the hands of the device owner.

HTC allows you to select multiple secure contacts, each of which needs to download the password management application. Thus, the user seed is split using a secret sharing algorithm and sent to the specified contacts. If necessary, the person can successfully restore control over their funds.

Exodus 1 plays a pivotal role in the Crypto Internet. In order for digital assets and decentralized applications to fully develop their potential, we believe that mobile devices should be a major distribution point. We look forward to partnering with developers from the block community to impose this new vision, “said Phil Chen, Decentralized Chief Officer at HTC.

The company will give access to the Zion key management API and SDK portfolio and to partners sharing the same vision – to develop and expand the block ecosystem and build a solid foundation based on security and trust.

HTC helps block the ecosystem by creating a phone that focuses on decentralized applications and data security. The emergence of Bitcoin and Ethereum brings with it the idea of ​​digital space deficiency and non-replaceable symbols (NFTs).