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The Popularity Of Bitcoin Is Rising In The Dark Web

The term Dark Web refers to parts of the Internet that are deliberately hidden from the public eye. So that users can perform freely any actions and possibly illegal ones without external interference.

While the 2018 crashes make many people turn around and avoid the use of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin still remains a popular payout for the dark network surfers.

According to an investigation, BTC reappears in the hidden ecosystem. Following the decline in dark network activities in 2017 due to AlphaBay and Hansa’s massive closures, transactions are rising again and should be expected to grow. The use of Bitcoin as a form of payment doubles in 2018 on trading sites. Where consumers can buy things from drugs to fake identity documents. Growth in 2018 convinces Chainalysis that figures will continue to grow in 2019.

The volume of bitcoin transactions in the dark network grew in 2018 to an average of $ 2 million a day

Nearly double the activity measured at the beginning of the year. Kim Gower, the chief economist at Chainalysis, told Reuters that the current price does not hurt the sales in the Dark Web. 

Still, other factors can damage the volume of transactions.

Reuters explains that “Several factors may disrupt the growth of BTC this year. These include greater closure of law enforcement markets.” Dark-net sales show digital assets can and have value in the real world. However, these unlawful and possibly unpleasant behaviors attract negative attention which could lead to something worse.