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Russian Illegal Cryptocurrency Farm Stole 8 Million KWh Of Electricity

At an old factory in Orenburg, Russia the police mans found a Cryptocurrency working farm with consumation of 8 million KwH. How they found it? They received a signal from the local energy provider. Because this is an old factory there should not be any energy consummation going on and 8 million kwh is too much energy for a factory that is not working, at least on paper.

More than 6000 ASIC devices were taken. In the other rooms of the old factory the police officers found boxes of new hardware for Cryptocurrency mining.

According to the investigation, the farm is created from the two ex-directors of the company that has been working on the territory.

Crime like this in Russia is punished with 5 years in prison and money charge, usually the same amount of money that they were taken during the whole farming, from the beginning until the end. The most harmful thing here is the money charge. Not to mention ,all ASIC devices are confiscated and they are not going to cover a single dollar. The price of all hardware that is going to be confiscated is more than $1 million.
Painful , isn’t it?