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Thousands of Employees Are Working For Ripple

Ripple doesn’t stop recruiting employees in response to the rapidly expanding XRP network. They provide partnerships at a continuous pace and now have one that can cause mass acceptance.

The crypto payments system CoinGate already supports XRP payments, which means that 4500 stores already have XRP for goods or services.

CoinGate is a Lithuanian company that offers block services to businesses and individuals, including automated crypto Log processing for customers around the world.

CoinGate made the Twitter message. “Big news for Ripple Society and for our merchants! We started XRP support for our customers, which means that the token is now accepted as a means of payment for thousands of network providers. “

Ripple’s job site has announced 36 jobs. There will be monitoring on all legal work at Ripple and advise on the company’s global legal policy.

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