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Three Countries Where You Are Not Allowed To Trade Cryptocurrency

The popularity of cryptocurrency and bitcoin in particular has grown rapidly over the last year, and as a serious reason for this may be the sharp rise in digital money at the end of last year.

Although some experts perceive cryptocurrencies as the future of money, trading in such countries remains limited or totally banned in a number of countries.

HowMuch shows us a photography that eastern states remain more conservative about digital money than the West. Currently, Russia is the largest country in the world where bitcoin trading is illegal. The same status is in Afghanistan, Algeria and Morocco.

China and South Korea, for their part, are examples of serious regulations in the area of ​​cryptocurrency. Serious restrictions in the two Asian countries triggered a wave of digital coin sales at the beginning of the week.

Various restrictions have been implemented in countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. North America and Western Europe are the regions where there is free trade of cryptocurrency.

At present, 99 of the 246 countries in the world have not introduced restrictions on digital money trading. In 130 countries, there is no position on this issue. In a total of 17 countries, restrictions have been imposed on cryptos or they are totally banned.