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Tron Users Are Now Over 4 Million

The total number of accounts generated on the Tron blockchain network has exceeded 4 million, the company’s chief executive officer announced On November 4 on Twitter, monitoring resource TRON SCAN announced that the total number of accounts on the network was already 4.015 million – a figure that was later confirmed by Justin Sun. The numbers do not differentiate whether an account is used or not, and if not used, it will probably be permanent. For Bitcoin (BTC), different resources measuring active users produce different results. According to Blockchain, as of November 1, there were just over 463,000 Bitcoin addresses active daily. Thus, in the case of Tron, the number of daily active accounts is likely to be less than the total number of users registered after the network was created. Nevertheless, Tron has seen the relocation of millions of USDT to its Ethereum blockchain in recent weeks.

Increase in price thanks to Samsung

The dream has made significant efforts to expand the profile of both Tron and TRX’s native network coin. As reported, these efforts have drawn unwanted attention to him this year, following a meeting with Chinese authorities. However, progress continues, with South Korean technology giant Samsung adding Tron support to its decentralized app store late last month. Dream hinted at the move, describing it as a “$ 100 billion megacorporation” deal. TRX is currently the eleventh largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, trading for just under 2 cents a token. The Samsung deal pushed the TRX / USD pair up by over 30%. Rumors previously claimed that Sun was keen to acquire the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange, something he later denied.