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Two Pizzas Bought Before 7 Years With Bitcoins,Today They Cost $100Million

The story . . . 

On May 22, 2010, more than 7 years ago, something historic about the world of crypto-currencies happened. Laszlo Hanjets buys two pizzas from the Papa John`s chain with bitcoin. Then the chain of pizzerias does not accept the virtual currency for payment, so he actually buys pizza from a friend of his enthusiast through a forum, offering for the two big pizzas 10,000 bitcoin.
At that time, 10 000 bitcoins are exactly 40 dollars. So the deal is not bad.
This is considered the first real transaction in which the bitcoin digital exchange was used.
That is why, to date, May 22 is called Bitcoin Pizza Day, or Bitcoin Pizza Day.
But also today, these 10,000 bitcoins, which are paid the two pizzas, are worth over $ 100 million. Because the exchange rate of the virtual currency is over $ 10,000.
So with these digital money today, we can buy 6.6 million big pizzas with Papa John’s cheese.

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