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Where To Spend The Bitcoin We Hold


A lot ICOs out there requires pay in some way. The most well-known method is via Bitcoin.
If you are lucky enough to hold some bitcoins thats your moment to shy.

Space Travelling 

In California, there is a private space company that has accepted bitcoin as paying tickets for space travel. In 2013, the company, named Virgin Galactic.Although the company has so far failed to release the shuttle, the people holding these “tickets” are still looking forward. You can buy for a modest $ 250,000 in BTC. In December 2017, The ticket for space travlelling was only 25 BTCs and the possibility of traveling in space became a reality.

Adult content

You can subsribe to porn with bitcoin and in fact a lot websites offer those option. Pornhub is one of the biggest websites and they will take your bitcoin if you want subscription.


Gambling websites are becoming more profitable than offline casinos. Because of this, many people start to get annoyed by the waiting time they need to make their profits. Therefore, some online gambling operators have decided to allow them to deposit and withdraw with cryptocurrency. When depositing in an online casino from your bank account, the bank sees this. Now they may not tell you this, but the more you bet and deposit, the less likely banks to allow lending you money in the future. Secure credits are never a good idea, but what if urgent? You can be on the black list of the bank if you play too much. Crypt casino deposits hide your identity, so you will not hurt your reputation in the bank because they just do not know. In addition, winning your winnings is much faster with Cripto, compared to credit cards.

There are more places than you can ever imagine

There are, of course, many places like a luxurious island in Australia and almost everything you can imagine in Japan. In many countries, real estate can now be bought with cryptocurrency. Besides all that there are also more noble purposes, such as charity.

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