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Why Banks Hate Crypto’s ( Image )

The popularity of cryptocurrencies jumped sharply over the past one year. They have become a mania for many consumers around the world, but they have been criticized by some financiers and industry observers. And especially the disapproval of the banks.

One of the reasons for the financial institutions is that, unlike private cryptos, they are subject to serious regulations. The other is that they actually feel the threat in the face of the new type of currency system.

While the cost of bitcoin was growing sharply in 2017, many experts are not afraid that it is a balloon that will sooner or later fall apart and lead to negative consequences for the economy. Besides the instability of the digital currency, critics have been and still have the capabilities of encryption to encourage vicious practices such as tax frauds, drug money, weapons, and so on.

In an attempt to visually illustrate why banks are scared so many of the Altcoins.
HowMuch releases and publishes interesting graphics. The authors used data from Yahoo Finance and to make it.

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