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XRP Analysis / December 2018

XRP Trend – Bear

XRP / USD pair is in a downward trend, reaching a bottom of $ 0.30. It was suggested that if the bears break through this level, the crypto will find support on the previous bottom. On December 6, the cost of Ripple fell to $ 0.31 and fluctuated above the price level. Candlesticks with a small body such as Doji and rotating tops described the indecision of buyers and sellers at a level of $ 0.31. Within a few days, a breakthrough in prices is inevitable. At the same time, the stochastic indicator is in the area of ​​over-sale below the 20-percent range. This shows that XRP has a strong swing of momentum and a sell signal.

XRP/USD Trend line – Varying

In the short term is in a side-trend. Below the 12-day EMA. It is likely to fall if the ears break through the level of $ 0.30. All bullish movements may have a resistance of $ 0.32. Meanwhile, the relative strength index 14 is 42, indicating that the price is in the side trend.

EMA – Exponential moving average

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